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Eugene Cho is a model of guiding a traditional and an emerging church into a merger. Isn’t this what “emerging” means? We hear so often about church fights, bickerings, and splits. We don’t hear often enough about church mergers, about churches working together. So, today — let’s hear about church cooperation that you know about.
Quest Church, often called (how cool for a Gospel specialist!) “Q,” is part of the Covenant and I’m proud of these two churches up in the PacNW, guided as they are by Mark Novak and his fine team, who have gone eye-to-eye enough to walk hand-in-hand.
I receive letters almost weekly about the struggles a traditional church is having with an emerging group so I’m happy to hear of one that is working out so well. I’d love for you to read the story about Quest’s merger with Interbay in Seattle at Eugene’s site, or the one at Covenant Companion, and then let’s have a conversation here about what we have learned about church cooperation and merging, what are the most important elements of “successful mergers” and what we need to work on the most. (And, if you can, take his last few comments seriously.)

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