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Do you have an anamchara, the Celtic word for “soul friend” or “spiritual director”? Tracy Balzer’s second chapter, in Thin Places, is a delicate and insightful survey of the Celtic practice and how spiritual direction or soul friendship can be …Read More

I will be participating in a panel discussion called “Questioning the Answers: the emerging church critique of evangelicalism” on Thursday, Sept. 20th at 7pm in the northwest suburbs. It’s hosted by up/rooted, the Chicago area emerging cohort.

When I was a kid we sang about Zacchaeus, who was for us the arch-type of a “wee little man.” Zacchaeus, as seen in Luke 19:1-10, was a short guy but that’s not the point. Missional Jesus makes that clear:

The end of the summer means the arrival of crickets and their endless chirping. So my question: How do I get them out of my basement so I can study in peace?

On the first day of my Jesus of Nazareth class I ask students to complete a “test” that explores how our self-perception influences our perception of Jesus. (The test: NEICE Images of Jesus (PDF)), but for some odd reason the …Read More

We had a conference call the other day about the emerging event in Austin Texas scheduled for October 19 and 20. This will be a highlight event I think. We hear that the registrations are climbing rapidly and some special …Read More

Missional Jesus is now approached by his followers, two of his favorites, who have the wrong thing in mind. They want to be MVP’s of the apostolic band; Jesus lets them have it with words that penetrate.

I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t all that receptive yesterday to the idea that Michael Vick has now “found Jesus.” The first words out of my mouth when I saw that someone had said this on my blog …Read More

Here’s the link to the CNN story.

Monday morning early, with the sun high on a tall, tall pine tree in a neighbor’s yard and I, sitting on my back porch sipping a cup of coffee, saw six Cooper’s hawks at the top of the tree. I …Read More