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We will be spending most of the week in Odder, Denmark, just south of Aarhus, but before we left I did what I could to get some links up for the week.
Sometimes, to think more clearly and to gain new perspective and to approach things from the most effective angle, we have to turn things upside down … or go upside down ourselves:
I can think of lots of followers of Jesus who got things right by turning upside down.
Diane Reynolds, a journalist, is getting some people to turn upside down and look at old issues in a new way. She’s at the vanguard of those who are creating blogs for newspapers. Link to her page. (Scroll down to More of Religion Today.)
We need some upside down stuff here too.
New website I’ve just been perusing: Metamorpha. Visit and stay awhile. Tell me what you think.
Barna on Catholics in the US.
Did you see this? Smoking response to the Pope by Roland Martin.
This is a collection of funny signs in the world.
Wonderful discussion of how to make Ligurian pesto — virtually identical to how I make it.
1. The iPlane (ideal plane) for iPhoners like Ron.
2. Four stories of happiness?!
3. Minisodes is the new kind of watching TV; Kris would like to see golf-isodes.
4. Say what, say who?
5. Mass and the masses?
6. Thanks Don.
7. Fool proof evidence that there is a millennium:
8. Hard to read, but important to read.
9. New words in our Dictionary.
Mark it down: Here come the Cubs! 3.5 games back.

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