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Sorry for this: somehow the Weekly Meanderings were published “private” mode instead of public mode. So, here they are:
Chicago’s finest is caring for some new penguin chicks:
The penguins.
Does anyone out in Oregon know if those two climbers of Mount Hood (Brian Hall and Jerry Cooke) have been recovered? (Kelly James’ body was found in December.)
Tony Jones’ paper at the Wheaton conference was not chosen for inclusion in the published volume, so Tony made it available on his blog — as of now over 500614 downloads. Like it or not, in ten years everyone who recalls that conference will remember Tony’s use of an umpire calling strikes as an analogy to the words that are expressions of orthodoxy. They told Tony he’d not be able to call balls and strikes this game. Maybe this is Tony’s sport, but who’s on the right and who’s on the left?
Techno-dictions? Some prescribe techno-fasts, but I quibble with such a use of the word “fast.”
Little Rock 50 years later. Our daughter had the Rockwell picture of the little girl in her bedroom for years.
1. Great story about Cliff Floyd’s father.
2. What would most American professional athletes do?
3. A new kind of historian? Let us hope.
4. Twice Kris and I were in the Santa Cruz area for several days, and each time we took our daily walk on the Santa Cruz boardwalk — and a real nice breakfast place on that corner.
5. Nanny Poe.
6. She adds, “It’s the mind-set of society we need to change — not the women.”
7. Book to the Future: the future of books. (HT: Ed Brenegar)
8.Pot or pill?
9. No way, #7’s got to be the Mick.
We’re sliding into a part of the season where it looks like the Cubs just might do it. I predicted at the beginning of the year that the Cubs could get to the Big Dance in October, but I much less sanguine now than I was then. They don’t have the pitching, so it seems to me — but neither did the Cards last year.
We’re sliding into All-Star Week, a baseball game that becomes increasingly uninteresting to me. The Home Run Derby interests me as much as a toothache.

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