Jesus Creed

I wrote this some time ago, but thought posting it while we are in Denmark might be a godo time. House Sparrows, a member of the finch family, may be one of the more “evolved” bird species that exist, but they are stupid. I’m sorry to say this, but they have been driving us nutso this summer. We fill the feeder and they proceed — within four hours — of draining the thing. Only they don’t eat it all. What do they do?
They knock seeds around and off the feeder with sharp, swift moves of their head/beak. So, now below our feeder lies gobs and gobs of uneaten seeds — oilers is what I call some of them. So, Kris and I have decided to trick them: we pick the seeds off the ground and put them back in the feeder.
Anyone know what’s going on here — not with us but with the birds?

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