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We spent the entire day wandering from the south part of Copenhagen to the northern part yesterday. The weather began a little chilly and misty, so we dipped into a coffee shop, and then it turned out to be a glorious sunny day as we strolled around. Today we take a train from Copenhagen to the Aarhus area, crossing Funen and into Central Jutland. I speak tonight on Forgiving Grace. Here are some pictures from yesterday.
Here’s the coffee shop, where I took in a few pages of The Little Mermaid.
Just a hundred yards down from the coffee shop we “happened” upon a book sale, and I cannot tell you the treasures I found — but I will: there was a professor around here named Niels Knapper who must have sold his library to these folks and he had hundreds of great monographs and commentaries and reference books. $4 per book — never more. I resigned myself to the fact that the three volumes of C. Spicq’s magisterial study on Agape in the NT was all I could afford to put in my luggage. But, if you are in the area, the book event is still going on at Heiligaandskirken — German monographs, commentaries, etc.. I saw works by Gore and Dodd and WD Davies … I won’t go on.
At Marmorkirken (Fredrikskirke) we saw the statue of Kierkegaard (how apt to have a statue in the church yard) and Luther:
Then, on our way to the Little Mermaid — where all of Copenhagen’s tourists happened to be — we stopped to see the guards at Amalienborg. After Amalienborg is a picture of Rosenborg Slot (castle).
After we took our obligatory shot of The Little Mermaid, Kris and I relaxed in the shade and I finished reading The Little Mermaid. The poor thing has had her troubles: in 1961 her hair was painted red; in 1964, someone cut off her head; then they got her arms; the good folks restored her and in 1998 they got her head again. So, the officials got her all good and ready again and tricked the vandals by moving her a little further toward the sea where, our guidebook tells us, “she enjoys more peace.”

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