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Because of a recent letter, I have a few questions today: Do you have a theology of pets? Do you find some are so committed to their pets they are incapable of serving humans? What kind of theology of pet-care do you espouse? Here is a picture of our dog, the Bichon, and Luke and Annika’s two dogs, and then the letter:
Hi Scot,
I enjoy reading your blog. A topic that could be interesting is a Christian understanding of the value and role of pets. As a pastor I have dealt with the question of pets in heaven several times. I am thinking more along the lines of the emotional and financial requirements of pets and their impact on discipleship.
I have observed the incredible love and tenderness shown for a dear family pet which is wonderful evidence for the good in God’s creation.
Conversely, the impact of the love of a pet on ones willingness and ability to love another. What happens if our love for our pets impacts our willingness to love and serve our neighbor?
I realize that the above is rather simplistic and love is not a zero sum game, but with the incredible growth of pet keeping in our country, I for one would be interested in a discussion of a theological view of pet keeping.
Just a thought, do with it what you will!
I appreciate your books and ministry,

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