Kris, my dear wife, is a hawk when it comes to healthier foods. We gave up on red meat aeons ago and we have salmon filets twice a week now and maybe every other week we eat tuna steaks — don’t overcook those things or you’ll be eating some primitive form of rubber. We have turkey or chicken in our marinara sauce with pasta, and she’s always scouting for the healthiest options. Now we’ve discovered something even healthier when it comes to “meat.”

And I’m not talking about that fu-fu soy stuff, or some kind of veggie burger or veggie steaks. We don’t eat pork very often, and not because it is levitically unclean.
Which meat source is the healthiest? FDA stats:
Meat Fat Calories Cholesterol Sat Fat Protein Iron
????? 2.42 g 143 kcal 82 mg 0.91 g 28.44 g 3.42 mg
Beef 11.73g 217 cal 85 mg 4.63g 26.11g 2.71 mg
(90% lean)
Chicken 3.57g 165 cal 85 mg 1.01g 31.02g 1.04mg
Do you know what the ????? — yep, that’s right: Bison or Buffalo.
Any experiences or advice on bison?
So Sunday evening we got out our first Buffalo Burgers, from our local grocery store, and cooked them over medium heat so as not to ruin the moisture — it’s real lean stuff — put on some tomatoes and some onions and a little mustard. Maybe one of the finest burgers we’ve ever had. We are now committed to eating some buffalo each week.
Here’s the company we bought stuff from. The Buffalo Guys.
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