Jesus Creed

Now we come to the third model of worship in James B. Torrance, Worship, Community & The Triune God of Grace. We looked at the Unitarian and the Existentialist, and today we look at the Trinitarian model.
How “christological” is our worship? How much of it is seen as participating in the Son’s adoration and communion of the Father? In other words, how much of it is genuinely Trinitarian? And how can we adjust our worship so that is less our act before God and more our participation in what the Son has done and continues to do for us through the Spirit?
In essence, worship is:
1. human participation,
2. through the grace of the Spirit of God,
3. in the eternal fellowship and communion of the Son in the Father.
For Torrance, we don’t become fully Christian in our worship until we join in the Trinitarian life.
There are two relationships: God-humans through Christ and Christ-Church through the Spirit. All worship is about participating in the Son’s worship and communion with the Father through the Spirit.

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