Jesus Creed

Because we lost access to posting pictures on the blog when we got to San Gimignano, a delightful Tuscan town south and west of Florence, we thought a few pictures from “San Gimi” might interest some of you:
A hillside from the wall of San Gimignano and Kris holding up the wall:
OK, twice a day Kris and I indulged in Italian gelato. Evidently the Italians take the competition seriously enough to write it out in English!
And sometime before and after gelato, this is what we also had:
And when Kris found some shopping to do, this is what I tried to do:
The “piazza” at San Gimi was a highlight. Here are the daily locals who sit there and must be saying, “Thanks you Americans and Germans for dropping some Euros in our coffers!”
And here’s our hero. This young woman from Germany played Vivaldi’s Four Seasons one evening and we sat right behind her and watched and listened for over an hour:

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