Jesus Creed

A must-read about Robert Webber.
And Francis J. Beckwith, President this year of the Evangelical Theological Society, has converted to Roman Catholicism. He tells his story with loads and loads of comments. (I can’t get a link specifically to that post, but I’ve tried. Now see here and here.) and some tongue-in-cheek commentary, too!
We’ve got some White crowned sparrows in our backyard and they might be nesting. We saw our first Northern Orioles earlier in the week on a walk. Trees are filled with warblers — those busy bodies who won’t sit still long enough for me to grab their distinctive markers.
Chicago’s religious leaders — a nice section in the Chicago Tribune.
Emerging story of the week: quest + interbay = one church = cool.
New blog of the week: check out Kent Anderson, a fine pastor and friend.
Keep your eye on this blog, too: Bill Donahue and friends.
SBL resolution regarding archaeological sites in Iraq.
How depressing is this? Especially for those of us who have “mature figures”.
During American Idol my e-mail “ding” goes silent.
Do you write like a male or female? Try this. (HT: Tamara Dull)
1. What to do with leisure time?
2. What troubles young people the most? (HT: Brad Boydston)
3. At last.
4. Evidently according to this Danish blogger, I’m the “grand old man” of the emerging church.
5. Very responsible piece on emerging and the SBC by Zach Roberts.
6. Lots of us will be watching for more on Herod’s tomb.
7. Dream come true!
8. Excerpt from a book on divorce that looks like one worth reading — from Wineskins magazine.
9. Our piece at Out of Ur blog.
10. And name your son “Beav” — what a hoot!
Billy Muldowney Watch: Hes got 2 wins, 3 losses, and an ERA of 5.24
The Cubs are hitting a bump in the road — but they had a great winning streak to get up and over the waterline.
And Tiger Woods … what is it 9 of his last fourteen tourneys that he has won?

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