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Lauren’s second lecture at North Park was on Real Sex: The Naked Truth about Chastity, and she offers four lies or myths that Christians often tell themselves and their youth about sex. She considers each a myth (as untrue) and dangerous and she argues her case theologically — delightfully so I might add.
This was the first time I have heard Lauren and first time I had met her.
What myths/lies would you add to these four?
1. If you have premarital sex, you’ll feel bad. She entered into the field of what sin is and how humans like sin and that sin distorts feelings and that sin leads to both joy and misery.
2. Men are obsessed with sex and women are uninterested in sex. This is a distortion of the biblical material and the sociological data.
3. Sex is necessary because marriage is necessary. Which is not taught in the Bible; singleness is found.
4. Sexual sin is unforgiveable. She spoke about premarital sex and said it is experienced as unpredictable and unstable — “will he be here next week?” Marital sex is predictable and stable (and routine). “Yes, he’ll be here next week.”
Just what sex is has been massively distorted by culture.
Buy her book.

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