Jesus Creed

Saturday Kris and I drove down to the hospital to see Joel and Karla Willitts’ twin preemies — Zion and Mary. We spent a couple of hours and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
My first observation about Mary and Zion: everything is there — nose, ears, eyes, fingers, etc — but everything is miniature. Those are the littlest, cutest fingers I’ve ever seen. And I loved their ears!
Second observation: thank God for the world of science and medical care. The staff at the hospital knows everything going on with Zion and Mary.
Third: great to see Karla. We haven’t seen her in months. She’s doing fine and the kids are growing and they are proud parents. And we’re proud to know them all.
We got to hold the babies — and Kris held little Zion for a long while. I finally mustered up the courage to hold him too. Karla had dibs on Mary for the day.
Here’s a pic of Joel and me standing over Zion, debating about whether he’ll be a shortstop, a second baseman, a pitcher, or a Pauline scholar! He’s got the fingers for a pitcher, so I think. (Joel is shamelessly pruning himself for tenure by wearing NPU gear.)

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