Jesus Creed

Monday I flew down to Nashville where the kind folks at Abingdon — nearly all of them brand new to me — welcomed me into their fine downtown facilities for a book launch for A Community called Atonement, due out in August. This book is the first in the new series, edited by Tony Jones, called Living Theology. John Franke writes the next book — on truth. It was great meeting the Abingdon staff as I have been reading their books for thirty years.
John Kutsko and Lynette and Judith and Tammy and Henriett … I could go on … hosted a nice book launch along with three other authors. My fine editor at Abingdon, Tim West, unfortunately was not there — he was at some beach on vacation.
Highlights: I got a couple copies of Circuit Rider magazine (how great a title is this for a Methodist outfit?), a more than informative conversation with Lynette from the airport to the publishing house, seeing John Kutsko’s nice collection of books, meeting the Publisher, Neil Alexander, and sitting at the airport next to a man who provided a stereotype of Nashville’s music reputation. (He might have approached the airport on a horse. I think he had taken off his spurs, though.)

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