A word for men … the Song of Songs brings into poetic imagery the delight of love. The delight in love that both a woman and man enjoy — only rarely, however, do both bring into poetic expression to one another such delight in one another. This is not a sex manual, but a poetic display of delight in the love of the other.
So effusive is this delight that one can not but understand why both rabbis and Christians have been compelled to transfer this language into love language of God and God’s people. But, herein lies a problem: if the language is so rich that it borders on the idolatrous to love your lover so intensively, it is good to see that love for one another is that sacred and that delightful and know that this is what love for our lover is to be like.

Enjoy the body of your wife — and tell her you enjoy it. You might not want to say her hair cascades like goats down Mt Gilead or that her breasts are like two young fawns dancing among lilies, but his language might lead you both to enjoy your wife and to tell her so — in your own words. (Be careful not to say something stupid.) She probably knows what you think, so you might want to understate than exaggerate.
Most importantly, make sure your delight in your wife’s body is the delight that expresses love and having a heart that has been captured by her (4:1, 9). Kiss her and tell her you like kissing her.
To use the words of a famous TV preacher, “You might just get lucky.” You may find the wardrobe opens into the delights of Narnia or you may find the door closed — still, tell her.

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