Jesus Creed

Please pray for these people.
Announcement: Zondervan has postponed the Emerging event in Austin and Minneapolis. Stay tuned for the rescheduling, which I hear will be next Fall.
Heart-felt post of the week from Karen.
Who’s in? Who’s out?

An interview with LL Barkat.
Evangelicals and progressives or evangelical progressives? (HT: G. Olson)
Richard Mouw is. Are you? (A theocrat)
1. Fruits and veggies: Are you?
2. You can either calculate the odds of being caught or do the math for the fine.
3. Very nice interview with Rob Bell. I like the lines he’s drawing in the sand. HT: Mook.
4. Geo-engineering on the horizon? I like the idea of those giant trees.
5. This is a sad story and it is a course my son and I have played many times.
6. New sporting event.
7. Professors and spirituality. (HT: RJS)
8. Wow, Andres has some great pictures … and stories.
NCAA tournament … when we’ve had the time, we’ve really enjoyed this tournament.
At North Point last weekend I may have found a golf partner when we’re near: Bill Willits. I hope Randy Frazee hears this.
Nope, we didn’t enter into any pool and I’m pretty sure I’ve never entered one. Not sure why … just isn’t very interesting to me.
On the Cubs: Piniella is impressive in his capacity to make decisions — he seems to know what he wants, decides when he sees it, and doesn’t wallow around wondering if he’ll change his mind. Matt Murton is my new favorite Cub. He’s one of those few right-handed hitters who can swing a bat like a left-hander (ie go both ways). His swing is flat — what a great swing for the 2 hole.
Seems Wade Miller will get that 5th starting position, Guzman maybe back to AAA, and Prior working out his form in AAA.

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