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We’ll be in Atlanta at North Point this Saturday giving a seminar called “Engage” and next weekend we are in Seattle at an emerging event open to the public about being missional in a postmodern world.
Bird spottings: this week in our walks around our Butler Lake, we saw some Goldeneyes, Buffleheads, some Redheads, and some Scaups. Cool. (Sorry, these are not great pictures.)
If you are dealing with some who are attracted to “the secret,” check out Mel Lawrenz’s review.
Good story of the week. Bruce Weber is a good man.
Ted Gossard is doing a series on the Christian and war. Take a read.
Here’s a fella who decided to see the NCAA pairings as a battle of mascots. (HT: JA Turner)
I can’t describe this; just read it. And pray for some tranquility for all of them.
Mike Clawson and the up/rooted blog has a good conversation about emerging and the urban context.
Something I like: the smell of brown rice cooking.
In light of this week’s post on evangelicals and the environment, we have to note this CNN piece. And in light of Friday’s post on friendship, Dan Brennan explores the dark night of friendships.
1. The next Dutch?
2. This could make me more interested in Starbuck’s overroasted beans.
3. Are you a student? Are you doing lots of studying? Want to learn more? Are you also exercising?
4. The comma.
5. This explains some of the drivers on my commute to school.
6. Women, stereotyping, and math performance — not to mention career.
7. Pope affirms celibacy for priesthood as nuptial conformity to Christ and His Body.
8. Zach’s got a good one about emerging/-ent T-shirts, but Tony’s got the potty mouth. (A Princeton thing, I think.)
9. This is no storm in a teapot, so thanks to Denny Burk for generating some discussion.
NCAA tournament has been fun. We caught most of the game between Duke and Virginia Commonweath and thought it was a great game. Glad to see Big 10 win Thursdays games.
We’ve always wanted to do something like this … but never will. Why? Ever been to Wrigley?
Here’s Mark Prior’s statement (he’s a 12 million dollar Cub pitcher) and my suggestion: ““I don’t think I’ll get my velocity back until I get everything lined up. I’m not blessed with the genetics to throw it 94 for no reason. I’ve got to get everything lined up to get to that point and obviously get in shape.” I suggest, Mr Mark Prior, that you get your butt up on that mound and get it lined up and stop throwing 85 mph softballs and start throwing 95 mph fastballs because we need you. The brass decides to give him a minor league start this week.
I’m glad we’ve got other pitchers this year because Kerry Wood is now injured.

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