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New blog: Finking out Loud with David Wheatley (a feeologian). You may not laugh aloud, but he’ll bring you some smiles.
Another new blog: Ed Gilbreath, author of Reconciliation Blues, has a blog that will devote itself to racial reconciliation.
My short piece on the Jesus Tomb issue.
Nothing but a very simple, clean, encouraging story. It might just be in the blog world that we’ll get “good news” instead of the sensational, grubby news we get on TV.
Nothing but wisdom by another mom/substitute teacher/writer.
A must-read and a thoughtful emerging blog. (HT: Brad Boydston)
Have you seen “That’s My King!” by S.M. Lockridge. Awesome.
Praying the Psalms: good post by Jim Martin.
On a political issue: How are the Christians — Roman Catholic and Pentecostals — of Brazil responding to the issues arising because of the arrival of George Bush?
Georgia’s about to permit public schools to teach the Bible as a course… but here’s a baffling quotation made by its legal supporter: “The bill approved overwhelmingly in the Legislature was tailored to make it clear the courses would not stray into religious teaching, Williams said.”
On schools, which Dept uses textbooks that cost the most? I say either the hard or social sciences. What about you?
1. Barna has a new study comparing Republicans and Democrats on the “God factor”.
2. Politicians are facing facebook as a source for votes.
3. Finally, someone understands how we men are supposed to dress. I hope Marko and Tony see this.
4. Pepy sent me this link on Tax Quotes.
5. Dan Brennan’s good thoughts on “blogfriends” in a cultural critique.
6. Who says blogs don’t have an impact? Check out this from Trevin Wax.
7. I’m hoping on finding one of these coins. A fitting parable, of course.
8. Not sure what you think, but I like France’s new “happy slapping” law.
9. Just what the critics of Socrates said: he’s corrupting the youth.
10. This might be the most important post I read this week.
11. Best city in which to take a walk? Kris and I are walkers; I’m trying to think of our favorite city for a walk. Our walk in Libertyville at Independence Grove has got to be near the top.
March Madness has arrived with the Conference tournaments. Some big upsets: UCLA and Duke. (I’m hoping Ernie Kent’s team, Oregon, takes the Pac-10; I played against Ernie in high school and he was a star.)
One of the best competitions of the week I saw was the women’s competition in none other than American Idol.
The inside story will no doubt leak out soon, but the Bears have traded their #1 running back.
Prior and Woods begin in the opposite direction.
Mark it down: I’m predicting that the Cubs will get to the World Series this year. It may only be the NLCS (which is the World Series for this NL fan), but I have that feeling that this will be the Year of the Cubs.

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