Jesus Creed

I speak this week at an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship event — and of all things it is being held within a mile of my home on the same street on which we make our abode. Title: How to talk about the Gospel (if you must) and How to talk about evangelism (since you must).
More for Lent: stations of the cross.
And at Lent it is good to confess; here’s a story of confession from YS and Marko.
Longer school days? Some say yes; I say smaller classrooms and starting at 9am (kids don’t function well without lots of sleep).
Too funny not to link: Karen’s got a good one again. I dare you to read this without laughing aloud (I’m not keen on the “out loud” variant of “aloud”).
Can you be both emerging and purpose-driven? Check out this. (HT: BD)
I like pastors who like pastoring — guess who? Jim Martin.
The tomb of Jesus: a nice set of sources at Stephen Shields.
Chicago’s Mayor Daley wins again — no surprise there. The big surprise is that my students have figured out they can be polling judges and make 500 dollars for doing it (almost nothing). I’m guessing I had 25 students missing Tuesday.
Prince Charles, that old fuddy-duddy, is picking on McDonald’s food. He ought to think a little more about “fish and chips” shops in the UK. (Confession time.)
1. Chicago’s own, Jennifer Hudson, wins an Oscar.
2. Antarctica thaw reveals new critters.
3. The difference between Ukraine and here when it comes to the faith: See John Frye.
4. What is redemptive? Read Karen’s ruminations. First time I’ve seen mama and Linda — I’ve met Frankie.
5. Do you text message? What are its advantages? (By the way, don’t ask me.)
6. Vanitor (Vanity Monitor).
7. I heard on TV that Ruby Tuesday’s Colossal Burger — no kidding — as the fat and calories of no fewer than five McDonald’s Quarter pounders!
8. Confessions of a blogger: Erika’s story. (And I link to her because she’s a good writer.)
9. I wish all grammar books were this fun.
10. Love this pic and story.
11. God is Jesus.
12. Saw this late Saturday: DA Carson gave some lectures and Bob Robinson has responded in a series. They begin here.
Event of the Week: Pat Summit donning a cheerleading outfit. What a hoot that was.
Honus Wagner baseball card sold. My mom got tired of my baseball cards and threw them all away. I tell everyone I’d be a millionaire had she kept them — but I’d probably only be strapped with a few boxes of thumbed baseball cards.

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