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We were invited to Portland to speak at the Pacific Northwest Covenant Church’s annual meeting called “Crossing Borders.” The focus was on racial reconciliation and on missional work. The day began with a time of worship, led by a former student, Jelani Greenidge, at Irvington Covenant Church.
Before I go any further — thanks big time to Krisann Jarvis for administrating this whole trip for us and then also to Mark Novak, the Pac NW Covenant Church superintendent. These folks are special to us.
Then Jelani’s father, Henry, preached on our theme from Phil 2:9-11 and contended that we have to become listeners to become learners in order to become leaders. Henry gave me plenty to think about, and because of what he said I made some adjustments in my own address scheduled later. The afternoon was for seminars (and did I mention visiting with lots of friends we’ve made over the years?) and I hung with the high school students and talked a bit about college and how radical Jesus really is.
That evening I spoke on “The Gospel Man” — a meditation on 1 Cor 9:19-23 as Paul points the way toward a missional life. Paul had a missional goal — the gospel for all; a missional method — whatever it takes; and a missional surrender — he became a slave to all in order to win them.
Sunday morning we were up early and drove toward the ocean some to speak at Summit View Covenant Church, where Kurt Carlson is the lead pastor. First an adult Sunday school class on the “Lukan thread” — Jesus’ vision of the kingdom, and then a sermon on The Story of the Eikon — and I fear I went a little too long. Then we had to jet to get to the airport on time (during which time we finally got to see Mount Hood).
We were very impressed with the atmosphere and joy at Summit View’s church. Good worship; nice aesthetics; good interaction in the class.
Tomorrow I’ll post some pictures.

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