Jesus Creed

Kris and I had a wonderful time in Portland. To begin with, once again we were treated to the glories of mountains, deep gorges, and waterfalls cascading down green mountains. You can see what I mean here:
I’m staring down into the Columbia River Gorge.
And can’t see diddly-squat … we always end up in the Pacific NW when it rains and swamps the area with fog. I joke with my Pac NW students that there may not even be mountains out there — we’ve never seen them.
And here we are looking at Multnomah Falls. (There’s a top somewhere; I think this falls comes straight down from Zeus on Mt Olympus.)
But, closer up we saw some beautiful natural water falls on our trip from Portland down to the Multnomah Falls. Here’s one:
Actually, that’s stretching the truth. Sunday, on our way back to the airport, Mount Hood was majestic … sitting there with its white cover.
The nicest thing I saw in Portland? The famous pillar in front of one of the finest book stores in the world: Powell’s. It’s propped me up for years.
Tony, what do you think of those sneakers? (Nikes!) These sweat pants are on only about 7 days a week. I got a second pair for when these are in the wash.

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