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Hildegard, one person says, “was a remarkable woman in an age of remarkable men.” And Carmen Butcher, author of a beautiful study on St. Benedict, brings Hildegard of Bingen to life in this fresh translation and study of her life.
Carmen was the college teacher of the year last year (Shorter College in Georgia) and next year she will be coming to North Park to give a lecture. She’s an expert medievalist, and has devoted her life to making fresh translation and access to some of the greats in the Catholic tradition.
Hildegard of Bingen — a mystic and composer and naturalist and poet and preacher and political advisor — has become a favorite of many today from various traditions, and this book is a must-have for those who’d like to answer these two questions: Who was she? and What did she have to say? Here it is. Hildegard pressed the edges then (11th Century); she still does (Christopher Page and his Gothic Voices); you won’t agree with her always, but you will always be asked to think and pray and ponder.
Thanks Carmen. We needed a book like this.

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