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I’ll be in Denver Colorado at the Adam’s Mark for the Covenant Midwinter meetings Tuesday and Wednesday — one day on atonement and another day on prayer. The next week I’ll be down in New Orleans.
Truth be told, we are giddy around here because the Bears are in the SuperBowl, and logic is now failing us. Everything seems like an argument for a Bears victory. If Illinois can beat Indiana, the Bears can win; if Purdue can beat Illinois, the Bears can win; if even Tiger can win a golf tournament, the Bears can win; if Stanford can beat UCLA, the Bears can win. Everything points in one direction.
Now to what’s important: read this post by Robin Dugall. Ponder it please.
Holy conversation: nice lines from John Frye.
The Midwest Emerging Women are having a conference March 16-18.
I’m sorry, even if Dennis Miller is funny, his short commentary that trades on ridicule and insults is not worthy of watching.
Do you ever ponder these numbers?
Marko’s powerful post: an apology from YS and a huge discussion. Must read for Youth pastors.
Or the distinction between “free” and “fair” trade? Check Michael Kruse.
Who likes the new VW commercials?
1. Presbymergent.
2. Yes, fantastic, that’s just what we need: “circuitry as small as 45 nanometers, about 1/2000th the width of a human hair.” What I want to know is how to make a YouTube screen on a post; I’m way behind.
3. The Bible in Sweden; Lukas in Sweden. And on relationships in high school — you might just marry your high school sweetheart, which I did, so be careful.
4. I love it: Cats move over! Here comes the many lives of the duck!
5. This woman, to crib a little from Shakespeare, had a baby for her bed before she had a husband for her bed — but I doubt the bard would have said such had he known she was 67 and had to tell a fib to get medical cooperation.
6. Buzz Donuts — what would this to do to Dunkin’ Donuts in Boston?
7. Mike Lamson at Soul Renovatus summarizing Rob Bell’s talks about salvation: here and here.
8. Only in Tennessee can they make a Sand Hill Crane a country bird. Well, I’ve seen exactly one of these birds, and David Reeves is about to see thousands!
9. John Frye, the Radical Pastor’s, got a great story about boundary marking spirituality.
10. This post belongs at the top, especially if you are a teacher and especially if you are a young teacher, and especially if Michael Lee’s temptation is yours.
11. New Global Warning report.
12. This one beggars synthesis.
For students especially: Crash course on debt. The voice of wisdom is don’t buy what you can’t pay for. The voice of wisdom is don’t live the average.
If the Bears win, they are Super Bowl Champions; if they lose, they played in the Super Bowl. It’s giving me a sense of “it doesn’t really matter.” My biggest fear is to wake up and find this is all a dream. But here’s my analysis:
First, a Chicago team getting to the championship game of anything is rare (unless you consider the White Sox brand of baseball real baseball, which I don’t). So, this is fun.
Second, all we need out of Grossman is an average to above average game.
Third, the Bears have to run the ball well — up to 150 yards or more of rushing.
Fourth, they need some turnovers — Peyton will toss ’em the ball, so they have to get a pick or two. Grossman can’t be tossing the ball to the Colts defenders and Jones and Benson have to hang on to the ball. If the Bears win the turnover game, I think they’ll win the game.

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