Not only are the mishpatim — commands, rulings, judgments — of God right, but also the adot — statutes — are righteous. God is right — he is a righteous God. Therefore, what God says is right — what God commands and the rulings God lays down: they, too, are right. Implication?
God’s statutes are “fully trustworthy.” They are emunah meod — full, completely, true and trustworthy.
Inherent to Christian Bible reading is a conviction that God is righteous, that God has spoken in his Word and commands, that God still speaks to his people through that Word, and that we are called to listen. We will interpret, we will apply, we will “hermeneut” — but we will only do this if we listen.

The Christian listens, learns and then walks in the path of Jesus in light of what he or she has learned. And we can do this with confidence that the God who is righteous has spoken rightly to us in the Torah. We can live in light of that righteous word as a guide to the righteous God.
We can trust. Trust implies walking new paths guided by old words.
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