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The following program of study could become a center for the next generation of theologians with an interest in society. LeRon Shults announces a new PhD under his supervision. Here is his announcement but you should ask comments at his site — linked at his name above:
New Ph.D. Program in Religion, Society and Ethics
One of the reasons I was excited to come to Norway was Adger University’s plans to begin a Ph.D. program in religion, society and ethics. It is an explicitly interdisciplinary program and requires participants to engage in both theological research and (some form of) empirical or social analysis.
Integrating theology with real social issues – what a concept! Last fall an accrediting committee reviewed the proposal and it has now been approved. Click here for the news announcement.
The following information is based on my understanding of the process, and so should not be taken as “official” (yet).
We will soon be announcing two openings for “stipendiater” for the fall 2007. Those who are accepted will receive a research stipend of about 300,000 (Norwegian kroner) per year, which is about $45,000, for three years in a row.
Norwegian is not required for admission, and the dissertation may be written in English (or German).
The two positions are for research in “contextual theology” and “professional ethics.” The exact descriptions of the positions should be approved in a couple of weeks. The offical invitation to apply ought to come out in late February, and the deadline will be about 6 weeks later. In addition to a letter of intent and a CV, it will require a preliminary statement about the applicant’s intended research project, no longer than 8 pages.
At this point, that is all the information I have, but I wanted to start spreading the word in case there are potential students out there who would find this program valuable.
I’ll post more details as soon as I have them.

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