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Dear Holly, What you tell me about your older brother doesn’t surprise me, but I agree with you that it is really sad. It’s not very often that things like this are so clear — your brother is working in …Read More

On March 17, I’ll be speaking at North Point Community Church in Atlanta, primarily to their Starting Point leaders. I’ll be speaking about the nature of the gospel and how we can best engage our culture. North Point has made …Read More

The psalmist believes God is righteous and has spoken words in Torah that are right and that can guide God’s people. But those two convictions are at odds with others: they evidently don’t believe either of his convictions. How does …Read More

Here’s my simple contention: if you believe God is in control of all, then you are driven to think either (1) that catastrophes are divine judgments or (2) that God has surrendered “control” to cosmic or human forces. When 9/11 …Read More

This is part two of RJS’s review of Vern Poythress, Redeeming Science. Vern Poythress in his book Redeeming Science begins with a thoroughly Christian worldview. God is the creator of the world. Everything came into being by Him and through …Read More

Not only are the mishpatim — commands, rulings, judgments — of God right, but also the adot — statutes — are righteous. God is right — he is a righteous God. Therefore, what God says is right — what God …Read More

The news story coming out today that they have found the tomb of Jesus, that Jesus was married to a woman named Mary (presumed then to be Mary Magdalene), and that they had a son named Judah, will surely raise …Read More

Expectations. We all have them. Expectations can control us; they usually shape us. What are our expectations? Lent can transform our expectations. Consider Mary and Peter as their expectations were transformed.

There is a movement underway, in some places quite significant and in others not yet significant, but it seems to be growing. It can threaten, it can transform, and it can provoke. It is called “new monasticism.” I’m wondering if …Read More

Tripp Fuller and Zach Roberts, two leaders for the campus ministries at University of North Carolina-Greensboro, invited Tony Jones and me to the campus this weekend for a “conversation” on Keeping Jesus Revolutionary. Here are some random thoughts and happenings: