Jesus Creed

I really like what I read in Psalm 119:96: “To all perfection I see a limit, but your commands are boundless.”
The psalmist, here writing a bit like Ecclesiastes, says he has considered the end of all ends, the completeness of all completions, and to each there is a limit. His strivings have come to their ends.
But, he turns from his strivings for the ends, for the bottom of it all, and he finds God’s “commands,” God’s mitzvot, and they are inexhaustible. They have no limit, there is muchness and abundance, there is an exceedingness, an excess of muchness.
At times I hear some say this of the Bible — it is inexhaustible. There is truth there, but sometimes folks get this backwards. The Word is not inexhaustible on its own. It is Olam because God is Olam, God’s truth-ness is Olam, and therefore the Olam God who communicates truthfully to us through word-become-Word creates a Word that is inexhaustible.
The very mitzvot, the commandments to do God’s will, because they have their funded sources in the Olam God, are noted by muchness, by abundance, but an excess of limits that boggle. As we come to know God through hearing his mitzvot and seeing our calling in life, we learn to know the Olam God whom we know as Olam itself.

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