Farewell to President Ford.
I am a big fan of Clarence Jordan — not just for his stuff on the Sermon on the Mount, but also for his clever translations. Thanks to iMonk.
Here’s a blog series — I’m linking to the site — that is a “virtual book” on how to read the Bible. Good one, Ken.

1. This beach was big enough for us — partly because I sat up yonder under a palm tree’s gentle, breezy shades!
2. A review of my Mary book that reflects the spirit of Mary herself — thanks Greg. Ted Gossard is now finished reviewing Embracing Grace — thanks Ted for such a thoughtful and thorough series.
3. Here’s a good listing of outrageous fees we are sometimes asked to pay.
4. The Best Quotes of the Year.
5. Rob, we too drive through the neighborhoods to see the lights. If you ever get to Freeport Illinois at Christmas, make sure you see the “cherry tree”!
6. What would you do differently? Besides listen to Jim Martin’s short reflection, I’d learn to use gadgets the way Jim can.
7. We haven’t seen the movie yet, but here’s a nice story about what happened.
8. A good place to start with Mark Roberts’ reflections on Dickens. I read the book every Christmas, and have done so for more than a decade.
9. We might ponder 2007 with this clear reminder from Michael Kruse.
10. A good friend has had a good year!
11. I’m not sure we needed to know this.
Somewhere between the “sun and New York City” this was seen:

Nonsense of the Year.

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