You may need a handkerchief to get through this one. Thanks Bob.
Luke’s got a nice series on emerging going.

Congrats to Mike and Julie Clawson: Via Christus now has a space. No small issue for many emerging gatherings.

A variety of seasonal hangovers and their cures.
New blog: a friend of my son’s from high school now playing D-League basketball.
Who needs Dickens when you’ve got the TSK-kind of Christmas dinner. God bless us, every one!
Brad Bergfalk’s reflection on saying good-bye. Thanks, Brad.
1. I recommend finding your way to E-Quality. This edition is about women and eating disorders.
2. For Laura and Mark as well as for Lukas and Annika. 8)
3. Tony, Doug, Brian — let’s see if you’ve got emergent hair. Can you top mine? (HT: Tony Stiff)
4. I’ve been interviewed so many times of late that I haven’t even tried to keep up with MP3s, but here is a link to one. If you know of others, I’d be happy to link to them as well.
5. Gates, Hewlett and global illiteracy.
6. This deserves more than a line here, but for now: Have you had the Bible Experience?
7. An evangelical ultimatum in the Church of England. Tom Wright responds.
8. Barna’s 12 most significant discoveries in 2006.
9. My father and Kris’ father were Driver’s Education teachers. Yes, safety matters.
10. A good article about stress. My own theory: avoid getting too busy.
11. Two scandals in one? Read Trevin Wax.
12. Just the argument I needed. I’ve decided not to buy one of them.
Well, I predicted 14 wins for the Bears. I’m holding out and they’re hanging on.
And, just as the golf season is over, it is about to begin again! We need one of those TVs with two screens because Kris just didn’t comprehend why anyone would watch golf on TV.
How many college bowl games are there anymore?
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