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No speaking events until after the New Year when I give lectures at Pepperdine University. But, I’ve got plenty of radio interviews coming up on Mary. Those evening ones tire me and I’m pooped — don’t folks know I have a blog to maintain?! [ 🙂 ]
This is the final level of OBE — Outcome-based education. I’ve done my share of learning about outcomes and I support their significance for education.
A Christmas word about bloggers: humility and wisdom. This from a wise, young blogger.
Here’s a blog about abuse and faith. Bookmark it.
A Christmas sermon about the Magnificat — by Robert Gelinas. Scroll down to the sermon on the Magnificat.
Nice article about Tom Wright. (HT: Fred)
1. Word of the year: “truthiness.” Humbug.
2. I can think of more significant gaps: IM-ing.
3. Ocean Census: “there are nearly 16,000 known species of marine fish and 70,000 kinds of marine mammals. A couple of thousand have been discovered during the census.”
4. My son shows that Mary’s dress (from the cover of my book) is beginning to make a big impact: on Slater!
5. Congrats to Ken White and Huron Hills — an evangelical church with some serious missional action — and there is lots of this going on at Huron Hills.
6. Trevin Wax has a nice reflection on my favorite Christian song.
7. Nice thoughts on fixed hour prayer by Erika — if I may, Erika, spirituality is offering the life we have to God and sometimes we are tempted to ask God to give us a life we don’t have. Parents get up at night — and offer themselves to God in the form of our kids.
8. Who is next to you at work?
9. Tony says he’s getting old. No, Tony, you’re not getting old until the doctor says “It’s probably easier for you to go home since you might not be able to handle a surgery.” The insider story is that he made a sharp cut to the right and, since he hadn’t done that in so long, the knee gave way. Get well brother. I’ll show you my scars sometime.
10. Do emerging churches have doctrinal statements? The accusation that they do not is challenged by Dan Kimball.
11. And while you’re thinking it over, think about ending it altogether.
NCAA basketball was on the decline this week, which is a good indication that some college presidents think it is time for students to study.
Da Bears.

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