Jesus Creed

I am struck by Psalm 119:53: “I am seized with rage because of the wicked who forsake Your teaching.” Why?
The psalmist knows God is gracious, loving and (at the same time) just — Psalm 11.
The psalmist knows those who know of God’s grace, love, and justice — in other words “those who should know better” — mock God by flaunting God’s justice. Psalm 10.
The psalmist knows he is struggling and fighting to do what is right, in spite of the opposition of those who know better.
Therefore, the psalmist erupts in “rage” when he realizes what is going on. He labels those who should know better the “wicked.”
What ticks you off? What I might ask is “what sinfulness, what kind of covenant unfaithfulness unnerves you”?

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