Every year at Christmastime Laura invites Kris and me to her 1st grade classroom for her international holiday luncheon with her students and parents. Since Laura’s class has 15 ethnic groups represented, each is asked to bring a dish representing their country and it becomes a universal meal. Before it got underway, I snatched a few looks at my blog to make sure everyone was behaving. Here are some pictures:
100_0569.JPG 100_0570.JPG100_0572.JPG

Later Friday night we (Kris, yours truly, Laura, Mark, Pat, Bob and Kari) attended the Willow Creek Christmas special “Imagine.” If you haven’t heard about it, I suggest taking a look at the DVD — it was an aesthetic extravaganza of recreating the Christmas story. It was really special and a celebration of Christ’s birth. Here’s a picture of Laura and Kari, our niece, next to one of the Christmas trees in the lobby.
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