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No speaking events until December.
I must say that Don Johnson, over at Jibstay, is becoming one of our favorite bloggers. He’s creative, clever, and — on top of that — wise. My top three pastor sites are Jim Martin, Mark Rogers, and Don Johnson.
Jamie Arpin-Ricci’s post on a missional pastor (HT: Bro Maynard).

History of evangelical engagement in the public square; nice piece at Newsweek. That statement about the man who saw the Bono piece is priceless.
Emerging Women Book club (HT: Julie Clawson)
1. Great name for a blog: The Mayberry Driven Church. And I saw this the week Andy Griffith sued another Andy Griffith (who cribbed his name).
2. That’s almost an image of purple politics — but realism is not the same as kingdom politics.
3. Speaking of politics, we have looked recently at Jesus’ politics: here’s a very good piece by Miroslav Volf from CT. (HT: Paul Day)
4. A very careful scholar; a nice interview: Chris Tilling interviews Richard Bauckham.
5. Bill Gates on public education in the USA.
6. Woody Allen interviewing Billy Graham. (HT: Garry Poole)
7. Congrats to Lukas and Annika. I asked Kris if we congratulated them, and she said we did. So.
8. Nice reflection by Bob Robinson about the rhetorics we are now using.
9. iMonk has a thoughtful reflection on Christianity and context/culture: any response?”
10. Just the sort of book that makes us think again about Paul.
The Bears are weird; they were awful the first half against the Giants and played like gangbusters in the second half. Good for them. Regardless, their kicker is fantastic.
The Cubs are beginning to make some moves; already looking like a fun season. Adding Mark DeRosa is a good thing.

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