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November 2006 Archives

From the AP wires, and posted at, there is clear evidence of purple politics. And blurring lines often creates tension. Rick Warren has a summit on AIDS and has invited both Barack Obama (Democrat) and Sam Brownback (Republican), but …Read More

Richard Dawkins, who writes with a prose that is saucy and caustic and witty, argues in his newest book that God is a delusion. I will be joined in this series by RJS; I will write the first few paragraphs …Read More

For months WBBM-TV and I have been trying to arrange a date for an interview for Eye on Chicago, Antonio Mora’s Sunday morning show. Antonio, one of the most professional persons I’ve ever worked with, has an interest in all …Read More

Here’s a good opportunity. I’ve been invited to chat about Mary online in a unique setting on December 4 and December 6 from 8pm-10pm. The Converse with Scholars program at Reclaiming the Mind is hosting a discussion about The Real …Read More

We are fond of the word “repent” at times, and we learn that the Hebrew behind our “repent” is to turn (shuv). But that is not the word used in Psalm 119:36-37, but its central idea is present in these …Read More

Dear Holly, It was good to hear about your mission year and how you are following that up with an interest in the kind of lifestyle Shane Clairborne, a Protestant Francis, advocates. I have some questions for you about such …Read More

As Kris said to me last night, “Who would ever have thought that this [your] face would end up in People magazine?” Of course, I’m stretching the truth — you won’t see my face in People, but you just might …Read More

I am as guilty of this as anyone, and many of us “theological types” are the same: we read in order to learn, in order to know, and in order to master. Scripture, however, is God’s communication with humans, with …Read More

If what I am calling “the” emerging question is as central as I think it is — and that question is ‘what about those who do not know about Jesus Christ’?, then the entire “in vs. out” issue is immediately …Read More

I have been scheduled for a number of interviews about The Real Mary, Mary, and The Nativity Story (I saw it tonight — am writing a review for Relevant Online) and I want to list them for you should you …Read More