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This week in travels: I will be speaking Thursday and Friday at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. My subjects are the emerging movement and atonement.
A good conversation at pomusings with Adam Cleveland on what is a “call”?
OK — I have to admit that I’m glad the Yankees and Mets are out of the running, even if I’m tired of seeing the Cardinals show up for the last dance with their legs tired. This year’s World Series, once again, will go to the American League. Tigers. They’re the best team in baseball this year.
A Northern Harrier must live in the trees around our home because I’ve seen him lately. He visits our bird feeder, which is about like Michael Jordan showing up to play hoops at a local outdoor basketball court. The Northern Harrier has a beautiful tail. We also saw an American Bittern on our walk around Butler Lake Thursday evening.
LeRon Shults has a blog; check him out.
Good, the Southern Baptists are debating the rise of complementarianism among many of its influential leaders. Here’s the second post of two in which you can witness the debate.
1. A Hoosier saint.
2. A blog about the Saturday night talk at IBC with some discussion.
3. Ted is resting. Good thoughts, Ted.
4. On the decline of houses in the USA of the married vs. unmarried: now below 50%.
5. Definitely emerging in kiwi land and in the UK.
6. John Frye has some innovative ideas about Psalm 23.
7. The good news for math teachers: making students happy and confident isn’t the point.
8. Do you know Wineskins?
9. What does it mean to be missional? Ask Erika Haub and David Fitch. And also I have to mention the fine work now at Biblical Seminary. There is no reason here to get into who’s doing it the best, but Biblical Seminary is entirely committed to the missional focus of seminary education.
The Cubs announce the new manager will be Lou Piniella. I won’t bring up again on this blog that the last ex-Yankee whom the Cubs hired was Lou Michaels.
On the Bears game … It is easy for us to slip back into the old hang-dog Bears ways, but I’m giving the fellas another two weeks to show they’ve got what it takes. I still think they’ll win 14 games. Last week I thought it would be easy; now I’m not so confident. (Still better than cheering for the Packers who wear those silly cheese-head thingies.) I wrote this in the 4th Quarter of the MOST UNBELIEVABLE BEARS WIN IN HISTORY. No more hang-dog Bears ways.

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