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Something happened this morning to these; they were’nt showing; sorry. Kris and I will be flying next weekend to Durham, New Hampshire, to visit our niece. Lovely area to visit.

All I can say about this is “Good!” I once taught a course at a ministry near the Robert Taylor homes and it was not what the Great Society said it would become.

All I can say about this is “Way to go Rob!” Here’s a reminder that “ordinary is OK,” that it’s OK to have an ordinary size church and be an ordinary pastor and an ordinary Christian.

All I can about this is that Michael Kruse has a great series on women in ministry going.

Christianity Today‘s Top 50 Books.

Bob Robinson’s post about how he got through his heart surgery is splendid; Bob, bless you, for an exhibition of gritty faith.

Jim Martin’s post distinguishing manipulation and love.

1. Friends of our local high school football team, which is barnstorming through the county, rented a jumbotron for the game with our local rival — and we won.
2. Sad, sad story of the Russian journalist: Anna Politkovskaya.
3. Dan Kimball’s “P’s” and the Church: good read.
4. Drew Moser has some good thoughts on striving to live in simplicity.
5. Elizabeth, over at Still Emerging, has some thoughts on names for God and their socio-political impact.
6. Charlie Wear reflects on the history of the influential Next-Wave e-zine.
7. Is the Reagan Era coming to an end?
8. I know pastors and administrators will llike this: Steve Taylor.
9. As a result of the Desiring God Conference, there is some debate about the “non-negotiables.”
10. Just in case you didn’t read down my post about Akron, here is a pictorial of the Kent State protest and the death of four students in 1970. The memory triggered by being there has been extremely active since Monday for me, and I hope you take it in if you get near Kent, Ohio, someday.


All I can say about the Bears is “you heard it here first!” Tim Gombis agrees. There is a competitive tenacity, and what surprises me the most is that the Bears haven’t had any history to bank on in recent years.

We are all saddened by the death of Cory Lidle, Yankee pitcher. Athletes who died in air plane crashes.

Speaking of football: just glad we are not in Buffalo.

Totally Random. This is what some clever business fella thinks my blog is worth; make sure you click on that link to see what yours is worth. Wow, that made my day. I’m assuming you’re not taking this dollar amount seriously. (HT: David C)

My blog is worth $530,667.60.
How much is your blog worth?

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