Well, the last few days have been rough…he’s felt worse each day instead of better. He hasn’t been sleeping at night because of pain, and has been going into atrial fibrillation quite a bit. He was most miserable today at noon, and could hardly stay awake to see the kids. But after a nap and some different medications, he really perked up ( and not just to watch football!). He finally walked down to the computer, and read some emails you all have sent, which was good for him. hopefully the tube in his ribs will come out tonight, and the a-fib will calm down so tomorrow will be quite a bit better.

Please also pray for Bob’s roommate, who is here, alone, from California and also having a slow recovery. He’s a few years younger than Bob and talked with Trey quite a while about planes (he’s in the Navy). He told Trey he needs to learn to take orders and listen if he wants to be a leader and a pilot some day…hopefully Trey will remember that and not just all the info he got on the Blue Angels!!
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