Jesus Creed

From Linda: Yep..he’s free! We got home around 7:30pm (the process started at 11!) He’s quite tired, but in much better shape than when he came home from Mercy! He still isn’t where they want him on his clotting times,so we’ll have many Dr visits (first thing tomorrow to start) until they get it stabilized.
He also has to have shots…I was going to do it until he was SOOO picky about how he wanted it that I made him do it…he discovered there’s quite a trick to smoothly operating the spring loaded needle! Lots of new meds…I think we’ll have a garage sale for all of his many drugs that he never finished since they kept changing what he was on..we’d make a fortune!
Thanks to all of you for your prayers, emails, meals, etc…What a great help! Now how to keep him from driving for the next 6 weeks…!

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