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Ruth Tucker is a former colleague of mine from my days at Trinity and she is the co-author of the very influential Daughters of the Church (with Walt Liefeld). Ruth is an excellent teacher, writer about women’s issues, a columnist, and an observer of religious trends (and sectarian movements). A few years ago I heard she was teaching at Calvin Theological Seminary. No longer.
Here is Ruth’s story of her departure — not sure what to call her departure. If you’d like to respond to her, you can do so at the story’s site or at her blog.
When I first read Ruth’s own story, I sat at my office computer stunned. All we have here is her story, and Calvin no doubt will not make its own side of the story public. So, we have to be measured in our words. Still… from what I can see, due process was sometimes mocked. If you have time, read through the sidebar called “Side Posts.”
However you understand this sad development, it illustrates what process can become at an institution, and how that sort of thing impacts women in a variety of ministries.
At the end of the month, I will be speaking with Ruth at the Talking Points Lectures at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. Come along if you are near.

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