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For a long time I’ve wanted to do a series on women in ministry, but not only is a blog not the ideal place for such a series, many of us get so riled up that conversation slips all too quickly into accusation. Our last post about Women in Ministry, however, proved to me that bloggers can engage in a conversation without losing their sanctification. So, I’ve got an invitation:
Here it is: I’d like to begin a weekly (or bi-weekly) discussion about women in ministry but what we are in need of is a list of topics to discuss. If we can establish civility in conversation about a variety of specific topics, then I will eventually do a series on the issue of women, ordination/etc, and the Bible, looking particularly at the cultural arguments. Let’s begin with some other topics.
What would you like to see discussed? What are some topics?
Ground rule: As with last week, if you are opposed to women in ministry, then skip this discussion and listen in. Eventually maybe we’ll get to your topics of interest.

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