The best blog not enough are reading: Michael Kruse and the Kruse Kronicle. He’s got good, thoughtful stuff, and he keeps blogging away.
Bob Robinson on the prosperity gospel.
Speaking of which… best idea for supporting ministry I’ve heard of in a long, long time. Erika Haub. Where to begin?

In a former life I was a X-country runner (my father was a coach). Lukas, on the other hand, played three sports as a kid (football, basketball, baseball) and then in high school he played just the latter two — none of them X-country. But, he has become a bit of a runner now, and he’s got a great post on how to make running more efficient. My theory would be to play golf more often.
Complaint that public school teachers are woefully prepared for teaching. Can anyone tell me why there is no such certificate for college and university teachers? Is it because it is assumed “we” will know what we are doing? I’m grateful for some good role models, for some patience with young teachers, and for a myriad of books I’ve read about teaching.
1. High school is not college; and college shows why.
2. I have a question re: the Pope’s comments, which I’ve not seen in detail. Do you think it inflames relationships for the media to cover this issue as it has, and does it encourage further incidents by such coverage? Good advice for the Pope and the communication process.
3. This catawampus world of ours: Karen’s got a good story.
4. I’m watching for this new wording about interrogation techniques at Gitmo.
5. On acts of “God”: see Sarah Cunningham’s piece.
6. Update on Mars Hill in Seattle with Mark Driscoll. (HT: Steve McCoy)
7. 9/11 sermon by Manhattan’s Tim Keller has been posted; what I like is how he anchors the cross in human suffering (Jesus died with us, instead of us, and for us). (HT: again, Steve McCoy)
8. I love Lucy.
9. A biography of N.T. Wright at Adversaria.
10. Ted Gossard has a nice post and discussion on the kingdom and politics.
The good news out of baseball land is that it appears now that the Cubs will get the first pick in next year’s draft.
The good news out of football land is that the Bears look like they’ll win 14 games.
My fear in baseball land is that the World Series will be all NYC.
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