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News that Steve Irwin, famous Croc man, has died saddens us. The story grew all week.
While in Oz … Andrew Hamilton has a 4-part series of his interaction with D.A. Carson on things emerging. Carson says what is “emerging” in Oz might not be “emerging” elsewhere. This isn’t the place for commentary, but that — as I’ve said since his book came out — is the point and the reason critique needs to be especially careful.
Fr. Rob’s gentle rediscovery that the little is the large.
Steve’s got two nice pics up.
The LA Times has an article discussing the rift between Chuck Smith, of Calvary Chapel, and his son, Chuck Smith, Jr.. It is never pretty to see such things aired in public, but maybe we can all learn things from this development.
If you’ve got a few mintues, read this blog from Amanda Munroe, my student, who nannied in Niger Africa this summer. Imagine it through the eyes of a 20 year old young woman with the world ahead of her.
1. Bob Robinson’s post on megachurches sorts out the arguments against and provides the reality.
2. The Archbishop of Canterbury has shifted his convictions in a more conservative direction on the homosexuality issue. I hadn’t seen this until I saw it at Stephen Shields.
3. David Bazan interviews Pedro the Lion.
4. Why I stopped going to youth group. (HT: Ginny)
5. The Digital Divide is a sad one.
6. A reason to be concerned: Secret prisons.
7. Continue to pray for Michael Scolare, our pastor friend in Aruba. They have a diagnosis: the disk between L4 and L5 in his lumbar region is ruptured. Any of you who have had serious back pains can sympathize, but all of us can pray.
8. MS High School.
9. Nice open confession by Jim Newberry.
10. One of my Sunday School teachers used to say there were other habitable worlds. Scientists agree. What I want to know is they are more Adams and Eves.
11. Late addition: John Frye on inerrancy.

Tiger Woods. Nothing else needs to be said.
Chicago Cubs. Nothing else needs to be said, except it is sure nice the Bears’ season is about to begin.
I confess to an all-time low: I’ve played golf twice this summer. Something called “Mary” happened.
Billy Mulldowney Watch: Billy got beat by the Tri-City Dust Devils. Could have used some run support, but he took the loss when he gave up some runs in the 5th.
5.0 7 3 3 0 3 0 2.68

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