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Here’s a letter from a reader: please think this over and if you have thoughts for Mike, please give them either here or at his site.Hey Scot, Looking for some advice from Christians with older children. Our church is a bit light on in the older Christian department, so I thought I’d ask you, and possibly your readers too (I’m open to that). My grandfather is dying, he’ll probably die within the next 48 hours, the funeral will be within a few days of that.
Should an “almost four year” old attend a funeral?
As I wrote in my previous post, my grandfather is very sick, and it seems likely that he will die in the near future. My eldest daughter is intelligent, likely to ask questions, has seen and cared about him for the past couple of years. How do you deal with death? Should she go to the funeral? What other advice on how to discuss or handle the situation do you have?
Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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