Jesus Creed

Who will explore this incident as a parable of the Church at times? (By the way, my thinking has nothing to do with it being women.)
Jim Martin hasn’t had a good post this week, he’s had a good week of posts. See this one on the pink elephants in the room, and then spend awhile with Jim.
Blogging vs. baptizing? Mark Roberts offers some very good pastoral advice. Blogging is a way of ministering to this generation.
If your baseball team is out of the running, as our Cubs are, you might want to read Luke’s post and read a book about minor league baseball by an author he bumped into one day scouting a minor league game.
De-propositionalizing? Len’s back at it.
Speaking of depropositionalizing, Don Johnson‘s got a parable: newspapers — national and local — and churches — universal and local.
1. Aaron Smith finishes his series on atonement with a look at love as intimacy.
2. Darwin’s tortoise dies — well, it’s a good story whenever you can get Steve Irwin yapping about an animal.
3. The moral of this story is pick a better bush to hide in. (Allan Bevere)
4. PAPAfest is an indicator of some things going on in the emerging world. One of our NPU students, Tatiana Heflin, was a speaker.
5. Good link by Bob Robinson to a critique of Ann Coulter for confusing secularism and liberalism.
6. Purple Pastor has a link to photos of use to church ministry.
7. Steve McCoy points us to Imago Dei’s Sacred Space project. Encouraging.
8. Steve Taylor, a kiwi, knows that missional work is praxis before it is theory.
9. Will Sampson’s giving Bush the business.
10. Alan Creech thinking about St. Benedict’s vision. Nice post here.
11. Did you see Karen’s review of Ann Coulter? Dang, Karen, don’t hold back.
How low will the NBA stoop? The NBA, in the week of the draft, announces that its basketballs will no longer be leather but microfiber composite. They say the players will have a better grip. Their hands are already big enough to “palm” a toilet seat.
How bad can the Cubs get? At least they’re still throwing a leather ball and using leather gloves and swinging wooden bats and wearing stirrups and donning pin stripes and playing during the day in the good ol’ sun with fans eating peanuts and popcorn and spitting tobacco some (delete that last comment).
Is soccer postmodern? Is baseball modern? Ask Michael Kruse.

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