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I’ve changed the name from our weekly “Blogs of the Week” to “Weekly Meanderings” because we don’t restrict the post to blogs. After a week off while we were away, we start up again. Enjoy. Along with a change in name for this, I’ve overdone it by having too many links this week. Well, I missed reading blogs for a week and had some catching up to do. I’m wondering what everyone does about the blogroll. Every now and then I clean it up, and feel bad about those I’ve eliminated. Do we just leave them there forever?
Here’s a nice beginner’s source for the Emerging movement by Wess Daniels.

If you have a few minutes, please take this survey on religion and politics.
News of the week for me: a new phone called “Q”. Will it contain only sayings? Is it the origin of all other cell phones? The most primitive yet?
There are no next Billy Grahams, since he was a man for his time, but Rob Bell is one who has been recently suggested to be the next Billy Graham. I like Rob’s comments.
Jim Martin’s comments on the silent man. Part 1, part 2, and part 3.
Allan Bevere has now officially joined Jim Martin for wise observations. Try to stop by Allan when you get a chance.
So has Kerry Doyal, with his wise thoughts on marriage.
An uncommon resolution to the all-too-common pastor-church conflict: see Brad Bergfalk’s honest and hopeful post about what is happening in Jamestown, NY. Pastors and church leaders need to read this post.
David Fitch puts up a jeremiad regularly: here’s one on the un-churched being the marginal attenders of megachurches.
1. Mike Imrem’s story about Roger Clemens and Dwight Gooden in our local paper, The Daily Herald.
2. Women in the Academy.
3. How smart of a driver are you? Ever been to Naples? I hear they are off all charts.
4. No wonder Steve McCoy’s behind in his book reading: he’s been standing in the rain taking pictures of lightning. Seriously, another good pic from Steve. I hope he leaves me alone for my pictures of Italy.
5. Have to admit that I really enjoyed this personal reflection on Br. Maynard’s honeymoon and anniversary. Thanks, Bro. Maynard.
6. Nice post by Dan Kimball on what people hope for in a local church.
7. Drew Moser often has a short video posted. Here’s one where Pat Robertson leg presses about 1,000 pounds.
8. Can’t resist linking to Marko: Kinkade’s never been my favorite, though I know folks who like him plenty.
9. Kay Warren, Rick Warren’s wife, is committed to helping those with AIDS. Lynne Hybels, at Willow Creek, also has worked hard at the same global issue.
10. Leonard Hjamarlson‘s weighing on how to look at Scripture.
11. Bob Robinson’s series on shalom and the gospel and freedom — very good stuff.
12. Going fishing? Plan ahead and ask Fr. Rob. He’s done his best to find the positives in a tough fishing trip.
13. If you understand what it means to upgrade the internet, I wouldn’t mind a user-friendly explanation.
Here’s some good news: College students like this more than beer.
The World Cup began this week. I hear there are more than 60 games on TV before it is done; that means about 100 hours of soccer; that means about 5 minutes of scoring. ‘nuf said!
You might want to take this test on theology. The way they are using Anselm is confusing, as they have him connected to the basic problem of humans being not to render to God a proper obedience, when the word should be “honor.” “Obedience” could be taken more in the direction of recapitulation.

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