Jesus Creed

There’s something fitting about a warm summer evening, some ice cream (or custard in our case), and a lazy drive through a local neighborhood. Both Kris and I grew up in families that often did this. My family usually went to A&W Root Beer where they had car hops.
Sometimes we sat there and sipped on our Root Beer and other times we drove around. On occasions we got burgers, and I can still taste their excellent cheeseburger with onions and pickles. Kris’ family did the same, only they often went to the Union Dairy for their ice cream.
Ice cream cones at UD were 5c or 10c. Good ice cream, too. Very good. Lots of flavors. I don’t recall the price of cones and floats at A&W, but it was cheap.
About once a week Kris and I still do this; I get a turtle sundae and Kris gets something like a Root Beer float or a cone dipped in chocolate but last night Kris had a yen for Strawberry Shake. We then wandered through a neighborhood, noticed things we’ve always noticed before, and then found our way home.
Just the right way to end a summer evening. The light had turned dusky, stars were just beginning their night dance, and the air was wondering if tonight the lightning bugs might start their floating into space with their soft surging of light.

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