Jesus Creed

Here are some pictures from two lovely cities we visited. We began the day, after a 4 minute train ride (which was better than a 45 minute drive to the same location), with a nice cup of latte in the centro. Then we noticed, to our surprise, Christopher Columbus (Cristoforo Colombo) pointing to Chicago. The next picture is the main shopping street, and if you walk up that street, on your right is Panificio and they just may have the best foccacia bread in all of Italy (so they say). And then finally, Portofino — an Italian equivalent of Beverly Hills.
Here’s a picture of Kris drinking latte. Yesterday was Kris’ birthday, and we sat around last night with Laura and Mark talking about places just like this.
Santa Margherita Latte
I did not edit the sky to make it more blue; in fact, I don’t know how to do that and it would be too postmodern for me to be messing with nature.
Cristoforo Colombo
A main shopping street and no cars!
Main street in St. Margh.
Yep, here it is, Portofino: a little village of expensivo shops and wealthio folks.

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