Jesus Creed

The Cinque Terra villages, to one degree or the other, rise from the shore onto the steep slopes. They are each a port city, but their claim is their unique culture and cuisine along with their near inaccessibility by car. Here is a shot of Manarola. Once again, if you click on the pictures they grow up to a big, viewable size.
Walking the main street up Manarola:
When “done” with Manarola, Kris and I walked this path and it wound itself over to Corneglia, and you can see Corneglia at the top of the hill in the middle of the picture. The steps from the bottom to the top were demanding. We didn’t count them: Rick Steves says 400 some while some counters told us it was more like 600. Tell me where you think those people who are walking toward us are from. (Hint: walking sticks are visible.)

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