Yesterday afternoon we visited the Rodeo Drive of the area — Portofino. All we could afford was a cup of Cafe Latte, which to be honest was about as good as they can be made. Dinner last night in Camogli at a place called Primula and we had a nice, long, leisurely dinner on the water.
Kris and I got up pretty early this morning and headed down the A12 to visit Lucca. There is 2.5 mile walk around the city on a high 12th century Romanesque wall — and we really enjoyed the walk. This afternoon we will yet visit a church or two here. Italian villages are constructed around churches. We had lunch at two facing places: Kris had a crepe at one place and I a prosciutto focaccia next door. The proprietors get along, we think, but they don’t permit eating one another’s food at the other’s location.

Gelato question: I try something different often, but my favorite is pistachio; Kris likes amarena (cherry). Tomorrow we will go up to Alba in some wine country, and then Friday return to the Cinque Terra village we missed.
In Lucca we enjoyed a very big piazza that was at one time a Roman amphitheatre. While Kris shopped I read some. There are lots of German tourists here, and it is nice to hear German spoken.

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