Jesus Creed

Kris and I drove over to Freeport, IL, where we grew up (together) and where our moms live. My mom recently broke her ankle in more than one place, had screws, pins and wires at work to mend the foot, and is just now starting to be able to walk around with a walker but still hasn’t any yen for getting all dressed up for anything. We stopped first at Kris’ mom, where Kris’ sister had planted some flowers and where we were able to hang a picture and move a clock, and the sort of thing that women of a certain age prefer to have others do.
Then we went over to my mom and dad’s new condominium and had a Mother’s Day spread with my two sisters and familes, and watched the Cubs once again dash hopes of some kind of recovery from a miserable streak. Here are two pics — Kris’ mom (left), my dad (behind), and my mom (right). Then below that a picture of Kris and her sister, Pat.
Mother's day 2006
Pat and Kris
Happy Mother’s Day — to four wonderful ladies.

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